Dos and Don’ts of Driving a Convertible

2019 Chevrolet Camaro

If you have just purchased your very first Chevrolet Camaro convertible, you are probably excited to get out and enjoy the summer air with some top-down fun. Before heading out, review these quick tips for driving a convertible.

  • Do always check the forecast: If rain is in the near future, it is safer to keep the top up.
  • Don’t forget to pack warmer clothes: Even on hot days, convertibles can get chilly at high speeds. Pack some long-sleeve shirts in case you or your passengers get cold during the drive.
  • Do keep the windows up when you have the roof down: Keeping the windows up will reduce some of the intense winds.
  • Don’t park in narrow spaces: If your convertible is a two-door coupe, keep in mind that your doors are actually longer than the typical sedan doors. That means they are more likely to hit the car you are parked next to when you open the doors. Leave yourself enough room to get out easily.
  • Do remember to pack a hat: Your hair will likely be a crazy mess after your ride. Pack a hat just in case.
  • Don’t leave the top down when you leave your convertible: You never know when the weather will change or when a stranger will be tempted to steal from or damage your vehicle. Better to be safe than sorry.

Driving a convertible in the summer is a fulfilling experience. It’s an even better one when said convertible is a Chevrolet Camaro. Test drive one with the top down at Lowe Chevrolet!

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