The Importance of Winter Tires

Chevrolet Tires - Waynesville, MO

Winter weather in Missouri can cause challenging driving conditions with snow, ice, and salt coating the roads. Having winter tires helps improve your control behind the wheel, so driving in inclement weather is a little easier.

Many drivers think that all-season tires and winter tires are the same. However, winter tires from Lowe Chevy have a few differences that help drivers maneuver in the snow and ice


Winter tires have deeper and more prevalent tread than all-season tires. This tread is what helps the tires grip the road. The stronger the tread, the better traction the tires have. If you opt for summer or all-season tires during the winter months, you’re more likely to lose control if you hit a patch of ice

Tire Structure

When you slam on the brakes with regular tires, the stiff rubber can begin to slide across the ice. Since winter tires are made to withstand the cold weather, they stay softer than summer and all-season tires, giving them a bit more grip on the road.

When it comes to choosing your tires this season, avoid compromising. Winter tires are designed for the colder months and are truly the best option for keeping you and your family safe. For more information about winter tires, or to have your tires replaced, visit our service team at Lowe Chevy.

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