Waynesville Animal Shelter

Waynesville Animal Shelter

Taking care of abandoned canines is one way Lowe Chevrolet is looking to help our surrounding community. The Waynesville Animal Shelter has plenty of animals in need of adoption and, to get the word out, we’ll be sponsoring an animal per a month. Check out our Facebook page to see what adorable pup we’re helping each month!


Waynesville was founded in 1833 and is the oldest town in Pulaski County. With an origin as a trading post for settlers and trappers, dogs became essential to the way of life. Today, dogs remain an integral part of the lives of more than 4,000 residents.


The animal shelter formed out of necessity to help care of abandoned and homeless dogs. Here at Lowe Chevrolet, we’re out to do our part for our loyal canine companions. Every Thursday at 9 a.m. CST, Kevin, our General Manager, talks with a Waynesville Animal Shelter representative about the animals and shelter on 98.9 KFLW The Fort. We also pay to have the dog spayed or neutered as a part of our sponsorship.

Currently, the Waynesville Animal Shelter is only able to take in dogs. Volunteers are always welcome. Simply fill out the Volunteer Application Form and bring it into the shelter.

Interested in adopting a dog in need? Expedite the process by filling out and printing the Ownership Questionnaire!

We here at Lowe Chevrolet proud to support the Waynesville Animal Shelter and all they do for our community!

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