4 Haunted Places Near Waynesville, Missouri

4 Haunted Places near Waynesville, Missouri - Missouri State Penitentiary
Missouri State Penitentiary. Photo by James D. Werner.

Fall is almost upon us, which means it’s only a matter of time before you start carving pumpkins, watching your favorite horror films, and maybe even visiting some haunted locations. If you’ve got a fuel-efficient Chevy, gas it up and take it on a weekend trip this October to one of these haunted places near Waynesville, Missouri.

1) Missouri State Penitentiary

Just 50 miles outside of Waynesville is this penitentiary that has been explored by TV’s Ghost Hunters, as well as by more than 100 other paranormal investigators.

2) Historic Castle House

 Fewer than 25 miles outside of Waynesville is the Historic Castle House, a haunted bed and breakfast that is more than 165 years old.

3) Pythian Castle

Keep up the castle haunts with Pythian, 72 miles from Waynesville. Ghost tours are offered at this castle, which once was an orphanage and a home to senior citizens.

4) Woodlock Cemetery

Travel just over 55 miles out of Waynesville to visit this cemetery atop a hill with a spooky stone staircase built into the hillside. Unfortunately, the cemetery is privately owned, but it’s still worth a visit to peer into.

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